Tuesday, 7 November 2017

BREXIT: how does it affect you, your family or your business?

European / EEA citizens: at the moment there are no changes in the rules, so EU citizens have the same rights as before the Brexit vote.  

If you have been living in the UK since before 29 March 2017 (when Article 50 was triggered), you are likely to retain your residency rights and eventually apply for British Citizenship. 
If you relocated to the UK after 29 March 2017: there is no confirmed agreement yet with the European Union, but it is expected that your rights will remain the same as now as the UK remains a full member of the EU.

If you are planning to come to the UK after Brexit has come in force on a yet unknown “cut-off date”, you would have to adhere to the new – also unknown – immigration regime.
If you have resided in the UK for 5 years or more, we advise to make a formal application for Permanent Residency, followed by British Citizenship - as soon as possible. It is not compulsory, yet once you have become a British Citizen, your rights will be protected regardless of the future Brexit agreements and regardless of the future registration systems.

It is possible to apply for the above without submitting your original passport or ID document, please contact us for a consultation on info@1st4immigration.com or phone number at the top.
The United Kingdom allows dual or multiple nationalities. Whether your home country, such as Germany or Poland, allows it too – you need to check with the relevant authorities there.

We also have a post on our Blog where a national newspaper claims EU citizens would need ID-style papers. Such documents already exist, we call them Permanent Residence documents, as referred to above,  you can read more here on our Blog.

Family members of European citizens: there is no confirmed procedure yet and for now it remains unchanged, i.e. same as before.

It is expected that family members, who arrived in the UK before the cut-off date, would retain the same rights as now and will be able to apply for Permanent Residence and eventually British Citizenship. Family members, who arrive after the cut-off date, are likely to have to qualify under the new rules. The cut-off date has not been set up yet.

For individual advice or to make an application, book our Advice Session now!

European workers: if you are currently employing European workers, the procedure remains the same as before. The effect on the worker’s right is expected to derive from the worker’s status in the UK – as per the above section on EU citizens. If your employees have or can retain their current residency status in the UK, you would be able to continue employing them. If they have to qualify under the post-Brexit regime, you would need to follow the new – yet unknown – procedure.

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