Tuesday, 7 November 2017

More detail provided on new settled status for EU citizens.

Today we had another update from the UK Government, which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/more-detail-provided-on-new-settled-status-for-eu-citizens

It says European citizens will have up to 2 years after the UK leaves the EU to apply for their settled status and applications will be considered using the commons sense rather than refused on a technicality. “At last!” we exclaim, as the technicalities have been quite favored by the Home Office when considering and often refusing the visa  applications.  

There will be right to appeal an unsuccessful application.

Another interesting point is the Statement saying the cost of applying under the new system will be no more than the cost of a British passport. It is not clarified, however, whether it is just the cost of a UK passport (passport book), which is only £72.50. Or the cost of the whole process of which the end result is UK passport, ie naturalization application (£1,282), biometrics (£19.20), ceremony and only then a passport book application (£72.50).

If you have resided in the UK for 5 years or more, we advise to make a formal application for Permanent Residency, followed by British Citizenship - as soon as possible. It is not compulsory, yet once you have become a British Citizen, your rights will be protected regardless of the future Brexit agreements and regardless of the future registration systems.

For individual advice or to make an application please contact usinfo@1st4immigration.com or visit http://www.1st4immigration.com/index.php  We respond emails on the same working day! 1st 4Immigration Ltd, authorised by the OISC, ref 200800152. we operate at the highest Level 3 of expertise. Office address: 68 King William Street, City of London, London, EC4M 7DZ.