Thursday, 26 July 2012

Are those on disability benefits affected by the new Visa Rules from 9 July 2012?

As you probably heard from 9 July 2012 those who want to bring a spouse, fiancĂ©e or a partner to the UK need to earn at least £18,600. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as for those who are in receipt of disability-related benefits.for example, if you receive a DLA (Disability Living Allowance) or AA (Attendance Allowance) then the new rule of £18,600 in earnings does NOT apply to you. However, you still need to meet the old Maintenance requirement, which is based on your income compared to your rent/mortgage. For more information book our Advice Session now! or email:

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fast SCHENGEN visa!

If you cannot get an appointment we can help, we have worked with the French and Portuguse Embassies in London for years! We submit applications using separate system of appointments for representatives. French visa takes 4 working days from the appointment date for most nationals (S.African, Indian, Russian, Thai, Chinese, Turkish etc), takes 2-3 weeks for some nationals. Portuguese visa takes 1 week from a Tuesday. Contact us:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Testimonial on the case to retain residency rights under the European law

"I received my passport today! EVERYTHING OK!  permanent residence, I can't believe! Thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cristian, national of Chile, applied to retain residency rights under European law after his marriage to an EU citizen broke down.
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Saturday, 7 July 2012

New visa Rules for for spouses and partners. Before and after - what's changed on 9 July 2012

1) BEFORE: Spouse/Partner visa for 2 years, then permanent residency.
FROM 9 JULY 2012: Spouse/Partner visa for 2.5 years, then extension for another 2.5 years, only then permanent residency after 5 years.

2) BEFORE: Spouses/partners who have been together for 4 years outside the UK were given a Permanent Visa straight away.
NOW: This was stopped, instead the same 5 years wait applies to all.

3) BEFORE: Finances (income, savings) were required to be ‘adequate’. It was assumed that income should be high enough for the couple not to be eligible for the state welfare support (benefits).

NOW: Minimum income threshold of £18,600 per annum gross before tax; £22,400 for one child and an additional £2,400 for each further child being brought to the UK.

It can be from work, self-employment, rental income, pension or disability-related benefits. Savings can also be counted in addition or instead of earnings but only savings over £16,000 would qualify.

This income test applies to all stages: 1st visa, extension, settlement.

4) BEFORE:  Examples of supporting documents were provided but it was possible to submit other documents instead and generally, there was some flexibility and ‘common sense’.

For example, if you had no payslips you could have provided bank statements showing salary.

NOW: This is a major change, it may be only noticeable to the immigration professionals but will affect many applicants:

For the 1st time there are requirements for Spouses/Partners to provide specified documents only, in a specified format only and in most cases there will be no chance to provide alternative documents.

For example, if payslips and matching bank statements (showing payments corresponding payslips) are required then if you provide payslips only your application would be refused. And vice versa.

5) BEFORE: Missing documents or missing information: in some cases UK Border Agency would ask for the missing documents or to add missing info on the documents, such as a new work letter. People were given a chance to put the things right without a visa being refused and without losing a fee.

NOW:  Follows from the above:
Now UK Border Agency would only give a chance to provide missing documents if they were a part of sequence. For example, if bank statements are provided for 12 months and a month ‘number 3’ is missing. Or if a letter from work provided but it’s not at the right format. Or if a photocopy of the documents is provided but no original.

However, UK Border Agency would NOT ask for a document which was not submitted at all meaning such applications may be refused without giving a chance to put the things right.

We predict there will be much more refusals of visas because there can be no more ‘If they ask I will send this document’. They won’t ask!

6) Applications for a Spouse/Partner visa, if applying inside the UK, can be made on SAME-DAY Premium service and we can provide appointments faster than may be available for the public. We are accredited with the UK Border Agency in Croydon and we are regulated by The OISC, a UK government regulator who regulates all immigration advisers.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

About those New Rules - here we go again! Changes to Spouse/Partner visas from 9th July 2012: Do they affect you?

If you already have a valid UK Spouse/Partner visa then the new changes would not affect you. This relates to spouses and partners of UK citizens or of permanent residents (it does not relate to spouses/partners of Tier 1 or 2 or other visa holders).

So, if you have a valid visa (Entry Clearance or Residence Permit as a Spouse/Partner) then you can still apply for Permanent Residency, called Indefinite Leave to Remain, under the same rules as before 9th July 2012. It means you can still apply for permanent residency after you have spent 2 years in the UK on a Spouse/Partner visa (not 5 years). Likewise, you'd need to meet the financial requirements of the 'old rules' also.
If you feel you need a detailed consultation we offer individual advice sessions over email or at our office at Tower Hill in Central London. We charge a £70 advice fee and would count it towards our service fee if you make a visa application through us later.

We reply on the same day!