Friday, 29 January 2016

New successful case and testimonial for a UK Spouse visa, following a 6 months Fiancée visa , for a Malaysian wife of a British citizen.

"Thank you, 1st 4Immigration, for helping make our spouse visa application so smooth and pain-free. I doubt we would have been able to decipher the Home Office's cryptic application instructions without you there to hold our hands along the way. We would happily recommend your services to friends and family, and look forward to having you help us again with our extension 2 years down the line."  

This came from Alan who asked for our help with his spouse’s application for a 2.5 year visa, following her spending 6 months on a Fiancée visa in the UK. Those “Home Office's cryptic  instructions” can be indeed a minefield but so far, we have managed to decipher them with a 100% success rate. We are particularly good with the Appendix FM “code”.

The next step for will be to renew a visa after 2.5 years and then to apply for permanent residency after 5 years. Both steps can be done using same-day service, such as the one we use in Croydon.

If you find it difficult to qualify for a Spouse / Partner visa because of the Financial Requirement, you may find this article useful (plus a few similar ones on our blog):   and this one of who is exempt from the £18,600 threshold: 

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New successful case and testimonial on a UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) entry clearance from Kazakhstan for a client who previously held a Tier 2 visa and worked in the UK under sponsorship.

1st 4Immigration were helping me to apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa after working under Tier 2. They have provided excellent advice concerning all aspects of the application, documents, business plan and the phone interview (official interview by the visa officers). I was applying from outside of the UK and their knowledge about particular documents made the process smooth and they were always available when I needed their help. I was never asked to provide any additional documents (other than requested in the beginning) and got a visa within the standard processing time. Therefore, I highly recommend 1st 4Immigration if you want to get it all right from the first time.” 

This came from Assem, a national of Kazakhstan, who was working on a Tier 2 visa in the UK (was sponsored by employer) but decided to go her own way and start her own business in the UK. It is possible to switch from a Tier 2 visa to a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa in such case but Assem decided she would rather return to her country, Kazakhstan, and spent some time with her family while waiting for a Tier 1 visa there.

Our client was invited for a telephone interview, so we provided a list of possible questions, based on our clients’ experience (can be found here: )

Assem is also referring to our knowledge of the documents in former Soviet countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and in this case, Kazakhstan. The documents in this case (besides the bank letter) are those, which are required when the funds of £200,000 are provided by third party. Or, in this case, the funds were on the name of the applicant but held for less than 90 days. The third party declaration is usually prepared in Russian language by a notary public. As this documents are used only in the CIS countries, we provide a template, so the clients applying there can just show it to the notary public and the notary knows exactly what’s needed, so we have never had a problem with those documents.

We have also assisted with a business plan, which was made a compulsory requirement in April 2015. In this case Assem was drastically changing her activity, from the type of work she was doing for her Tier 2 sponsor (and from her formal education). However, she had to follow her heart and we had to help! We explained her ideas in a business plan and covered the points used in the UKVI’s Genuine Entrepreneur Test!

The next step, after 3 years of hard work in running a business, will be extension for further 2 years. 

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New and high Home Office immigration fees from April 2016. Many categories’ fee goes up by almost £500, if eligible - apply now to save money!

As it happens every year, the Home Office increases the immigration fees from 6 April, as the new tax year starts. If you are eligible for a visa or British Citizenship - apply before April to save the money!

The current ILR fee is £1,500 postal or £1,900 same-day service. From 6th April it will be £1,875 and £2,375 respectively (and the difference is being increased to £500) and that is per person, ie per each dependant!

Spouse/Partner visa now costs £956 entry clearance (outside the UK) or £649/£1,049 in-country postal/same-day. From April it will be £1,195 entry clearance and in-country switching/extension postal but same-day service in this category will be the whopping £1,695, that’s higher than the current postal ILR fee! And let’s not forget the NHS surcharge...

Naturalisation fee goes up by £231 to £1,236. 

The new fees usually come in force on 6 April, however, there is a long Easter Holiday just a week before that on 25 – 28 March, meaning there will be a reduced number of working days, especially if you are thinking of using same-day service!

When to apply?

If you are applying inside the UK and planning to use same-day service, your appointment has to be booked before April, this is where you’d need to pay a Home Office fee and if applicable, a health surcharge.    

If you are applying inside the UK and planning to use postal service for a visa application (but not Citizenship) the date of application will be the date of posting, if your application is sent by Royal Mail. Therefore, you will pay a fee applicable on the day of posting, even if the UK Visas and Immigration receives your case on or after 6 April. In case of applying for British Citizenship the date of application will be the date of delivery.   

1st 4Immigration service fees are NOT going up in April.

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Tier 2 visa changes in April 2016: minimum salary £35,000 for ILR. If eligible - apply now!

If you have a Tier 2 (General) visa at the moment and are planning to apply for permanent residence after 5 April 2016, you would need to be paid a salary of least £35,000 per annum.

If you are eligible to make an application for settlement before April 2016, we would advise to do so, particularly if you think the new level of salary may be a problem. You can apply within 28 days before ‘your’ 5 years and in some cases you may be able to count the period between the date of visa issue and date of your entry in the UK.

You may be eligible earlier than you think, so why not to book an advice session now!

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Vacancy: OISC - accredited Immigration Adviser.

We are looking for an experienced Immigration Consultant / Lawyer with valid OISC accreditation. Level 1 would be sufficient but a higher level is welcome. We have an office-based vacancy at our office in the City of London (Monument area).
We have a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence and will consider sponsoring an adviser for a Tier 2 visa.
Main categories we deal with: spouse/partner visas and related family visas, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) and Tier 2, ILR, EEA law, British Citizenship. We regularly submit applications using same-day service in Croydon. We would also welcome expanding our work to more complicated cases and appeals.
Valid OISC accreditation is mandatory.
Please respond by email to  with your CV, current/expected salary, details of your OISC accreditation and when you can start working. Website: