Monday, 6 November 2017

10 weeks of Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa tips – Week 5 – Entrepreneurial (dream) teams.

How many people? 
2 visa applicants can form a team and share the funds, usually GBP 200 000. Both will be "main" applicants.

What about family members?
Each main applicant can include their respective families as dependants.

When is it useful?
When you have to combine the funds available to you with someone else's to make the total amount. For example, with a friend or a business partner. Not to be confused with the "Third Party" funds' provider, who is not applying for a visa.

Also, this can be used by family members teaming up when they cannot be included as dependants. For example, a real case from our practice: a brother and a sister applying as a team and sharing GBP 200 000, then each including their families as dependants. Same can be done by a parent and an adult child.

Do the team members need to equally contribute to GBP 200 000?
No, but both need access to it. This is a very technical subject, and one that leads to many visa refusals, please contact us for individual advice. 

Do both team members have to submit an application together at the same location? What if we are in different countries, or even one partner is in the UK? 
No, you don't have to apply both at the same time in the same location but there are extensive rules on this, especially if one partner is applying in the UK, or if one qualifies for applying with only GBP 50 000. Please contact us for individual advice.

Is it possible that one team member is given a visa but the other is refused?
Yes, it is.

Do the team members have to continue working together once in the UK?
It depends on the circumstances. On the one hand, it is allowed to switch to another business (another company ) or another activity. On the other, you have to be careful with investing the joint funds and creating jobs (financed from those funds ) to properly qualify for a visa extension as an Entrepreneur.

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