Wednesday, 28 October 2020

🇬🇧 Immigration News Roundup



Despite everything that's going on, the immigration work very much continues, it just keeps changing! Here is our latest news roundup.
#1 Remember Brexit? The new Points-Based System is being introduced with most new categories (including work visas) starting 1 December 2020. It will be much easier than now to sponsor foreign workers from all over the world. The same visa rules will apply to Europeans and non-Europeans, meaning the UK can benefit from the skilled workers with any passport.  UK employers will still need a licence (as now under Tier 2, the visa, not lockdown!), and workers a job offer, however, the scope will be broader with the whole process faster. 
#2 What about the current Points-Based System? If, like us, you are having a sense of deja-vu, that’s because a Points-Based System existed in the UK for more than 10 years. It will be replaced by the new one, new points and new rules. If you have a visa under the current PBS (such as Tier 2), you will need to extend under the new rules from 1 December 2020. While usually we see people rushing to apply before the new (usually harder) rules, this time it's the opposite, we the new system is so far looking undoubtedly easier.  
#3 EU/EEA citizens: no change until end of this year. Those who come to live in the UK by 31 December 2020 will continue to benefit from pre-Brexit rules on free movement, eventually qualifying for British Citizenship. 
#4 Hong Kong visas, or rather a visa that gives a path to settlement in the UK for Hong Kong residents who have a BNO passport. Officially launching in January 2021, we can start working with you now, so you would be well-prepared when the time comes. 
#5 Return of a much-anticipated post-study work visa for students at UK universities graduating from summer 2021. 
PS Last but not least - the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). It has gone up from £400 per year (per person) to £624 for most visa categories.  
PPS And on a more positive note, our own exciting news is an addition of our property management business, MTV Properties. If you are a London landlord looking for tenants or for management, our fees will pleasantly surprise you! The company is duly accredited by the PRS and Money Shield. 
In the next few weeks we will be sending detailed newsletters on some of the above matters. 
We are here to help if you wish to talk to an Immigration Lawyer or to start the process of preparing your visa application. The best start is to book a consultation on our website here. As always, a consultation fee counts towards our full service! 
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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

🎓 Livestream OISC Level 1 training 11 – 12 November 2020


We have moved all our training online! 

We now offer OISC Level 1 course livestream on Zoom and Skype 11 – 12 November 2020.

It is a 2-day course, 10.00 - 16.00 with breaks. CPD 10 hours. Price £250+VAT. It is live training (livestream), where you can interact with the tutor and ask your questions. You can check the date and book here.

You can read the Description here.

We also continue to run our best-selling Self-study OISC Level 1 course, based on an electronic textbook. 

You can study in your own time, at your own pace, from any device at any place. CPD 16 hours. Price £199+VAT. You can find it here.  
Our courses are CPD-accredited by The CPD Standards Office, reference 80001.

Extracts from How To Use the Immigration Rules:

The ‘Other way around principle’: when trying to find out whether a migrant can switch from one visa category to another, most people would go to the section of the Rules that covers their current visa. Then looking for what they can switch or extend to. For example, a Tier 4 student would go to the Tier 4 rules and try to understand whether they can switch to a work or Spouse visa. It works ‘Other way around’: you have to go to the section about the visa you are switching to, find Requirements for a Leave to Remain, and see whether your current category is listed there as one of those ‘the applicant must have one of the following’. In our example, a Tier 4 student, trying to find out if they can switch to a Tier 2 (General) visa, you have to go to Part 6A, find Tier 2 (General) Requirements for a Leave to Remain, then ‘the applicant must have been granted one of the following’ and here is Tier 4 on the list. If not on the list - can’t switch. For example, Tier 2 won’t have a visitor or Tier 5 YMS on the list.
Extracts from Spouse/Partner visa - Financial Requirement £18,600:

What is a full financial year for a self-employed person? A self-employed person is what HMRC calls a sole trader , ie self-employed without a company. It is not what we envisage under the common sense definition of ‘working for yourself’, with can be as a sole trader, a company director and other forms, like a partnership. For a ’self-employed’ person, a full financial year is a tax year, ie a year ending 5 April. So, you have to submit your tax return, even if it means earlier than HMRC deadline of 31 January next year, generate HMRC Tax Calculation and go by the line Profit From Self-Employment, which must be minimum £18,600 for a spouse visa. 

1st 4Immigration is one of the most experienced UK immigration law companies, OISC - accredited at the highest Level 3. We have been in business for over 10 years, our OISC reference is 200800152, in which 2008 stands for the year accreditation. Office: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HN. 

🇨🇵 Schengen visas still open despite quarantine!



We can assist you in applying for a French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch Schengen visa for holidays or business from London.

If you need to travel we can help, visas are still issued as normal. Please contact us for more details.

Phone: 0871 472 1468 or 07795471483 or text.
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Submit an enquiry on our website:

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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Visas and property management


Dear customers of 1st 4Immigration and Multi Travel Visas,

As many businesses, we are adapting to the changed world and the new normal. We are now combining all our visa services under 1st 4Immigration Ltd: UK visas and immigration, British Citizenship, Schengen visas, foreign travel visas, fast UK passport renewal and OISC training courses.

Mutli Travel Visas Ltd was renamed into MTV Properties Ltd,
 with the same company number, same address, the same team - and the same great customer service! This is now our property division, offering lettings and property management in London. We are turning into a business what we have been privately doing for the past 10 years, managing our own portfolio and offering the same services to the landlords, investors and tenants. We find tenants, manage tenancies, arrange repairs, project-manage a refurbishment, arrange furniture and staging as well as help with licences and certificates. As we are property investors ourselves, we offer specialist HMO management to the professional investors.

During the summer, MTV Properties secured the necessary accreditation as a letting agency: The Property Redress Scheme, Money Shield and a designated Client Account.

- If you are a landlord and would be interested in our services, please get in touch on the usual contacts - our prices are cheaper than from high-street agencies!
- If you are a tenant looking for apartments in East London E14, please get in touch too, we have some for you.

Best regards from our usual team: Sebastian, Jules, Andre, Natalia and Wayne.
1st 4Immigration Ltd and MTV Properties Ltd. for visas and immigration for property management

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