Monday, 19 December 2011

SAME-DAY INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN - APPLY NOW before it becomes biometric in March, appointments will become scarce and prices will soar!

From March 2012 ILR applications will become biometric (fingerprints will be needed), same as Tier 1, 2, PSW or Spouse/Partner now. Because more visa categories will be 'squeezed' in the same number of appointments it will mean a much reduced number of Premium service appointments and much higher prices! APPLY NOW! Until March our company, 1st 4Immigration, can submit ILR applications every Tuesday WITHOUT APPOINTMENTS! This (submission without appointments) is going to stop in March and we would have to book a biometric slot which are very limited now and will be even more limited next year due to UKBA staff cuts.  

OISC Immigration Training Courses, OISC Level 1, OISC Level 2/LSC Level 1 in January and February. At the Royal Mint (Tower Hill) or via Skype.

After years of our practical experience - and many successful cases! - 1st 4Immigration is offering to share our extensive knowledge with other advisers and solicitors. We do not just teach the Rules - we practice them on day-to-day basis!
Dates and detailed programme on our website:

Level 1 course includes a mock Level 1 Assessment. Level 2 course includes examples of scenarios used at Level 2 exam.

All courses include examples from our real cases and a Questions&Answers session (prepare your questions in advance to win a prize!). An author of the best question/case study emailed in advance would receive a voucher to redeem against our service for Schengen visas, UK visas, visas to Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others.

The course is offered by our company, 1st 4Immigration Ltd, which is a practising immigration company, registered by The OISC at a highly respectable Level 2. We are also accredited by the UK Border Agency in Croydon and submit applications using Premium service for accredited representatives. We provide biometric appointments every week (Tier 1, Spouse/Partner etc) and we have permanent slots to submit Settlement (ILR) applications every week without appointments. We have almost 100% success rate!

Throughout the years of our work with Schengen, British, Russian, Indian and other visas we have been focusing on explaining our clients the complicated visa rules in a plain language. Our courses are designed in a similar way. We support the theory with the real case studies from our own experience.

Tutor: Natalia Andrews, Level 2 OISC-registered Immigration Adviser. Natalia handles the cases herself on day-to-day basis and runs this successful immigration company. She particularly specialises in Points-Based System visas (Tier 1 General, PSW, Tier 2, Tier 4 etc), applications for Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain), European law applications (EEA Residence Card etc), advice for Bulgarian/Romanian nationals. Natalia has particular in-depth knowledge of Family visas, having experienced herself the process of a Fiancee visa, then a Spouse visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain and eventually, British Citizenship. She now holds dual nationality.

CONTACT US: Email: with our ‘trademark’ fast response on the same day. Website: Website:

Thursday, 8 December 2011

French Embassy is to start biometric visas - APPLY NOW to avoid queues and to avoid waiting for weeks for an appointment to submit your documents!

In January 2012 French Embassy in London will start issuing biometric Schengen visas. It will mean compulsory appearance of all applicants - to provide fingerprints. It will bring back the old problem of having to wait for weeks for an appointment to submit your documents (and biometrics!), not having enough appointments and long queues and waiting. We predict there will be a long (weeks or even months) wait for an appointment to submit the documents and long queues on the day.
APPLY NOW! As long as we submit your documents before that we could apply using our special system for agencies, which allows to process most visas within 4 working days.  Tel 0871 472 1468. Email  Officially accredited by the French Embassy in London.