Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The UK Government tells EU/EEA citizens not to worry as there will be no changes in their status. Now PM Theresa May announces the General Elections, which may (or may not) bring the big change! Our advice remains the same: apply for your EEA residency document NOW to secure your status in the UK to be safe and sure!

Just 11 days ago (on the 7th April 2017) the UK Government has finally published a statement called Status of EU nationals in the UK: what you need to know on the UK Visas and Immigration website. Quite rightly, the Government is saying the EEA citizens continue to acquire their residency rights under the EEA law for now, as the UK reins the part of the EU even during the period of Article 50 being triggered (for up to 2 years since 29th March 2017. Also quite rightly, the Government says the EEA citizens acquire their residency rights automatically from the law and don’t have to apply for a formal immigration document. Same applies to the direct family members (of any nationality) of EU/EEA citizens, such as spouse, children under 21 yo etc (but not unmarried partners and other extended family members).

Today (18th April 2017) Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that snap General Election were to be held on the 8th June 2017. Mrs May and her Party may well win it but how can we be sure? And how can we be sure that, in this ever-changing situation on Brexit, the current Government won’t change their mind if they win?

We at 1st 4Immigration advised to be safe and apply for a residency document since last June when the results of the Referendum had been announced. We still advise so today. It’s a changing world, no one knows for sure what will happen post-Brexit, and as they say “Better safe than sorry”.

Once again, we advise European nationals and their family members to make an immigration application to confirm their status in the UK as soon as possible. Depending on how long you have lived in the UK, it can be a certificate to confirm your status, permanent residency, or British Citizenship (followed by a British passport).

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