Friday, 22 December 2017

UK Visas and Immigration plans to go paperless in 2018. If it works, family visas – for spouses, partners, children etc – will be submitted online instead of the current paper forms and supporting documents.

How do we know? We, 1st 4Immigration Ltd,  were chosen by the UKVI to take part in a survey to provide a feedback on the upcoming system. We are very honoured!

As can be seen on the Home Office letter (pictured), we were selected as one of only approximately 50 firms in the whole country, following the request of the Home Office to the OISC. We had a visit from 2 Home Office officials in November 2017. What a great day and what a productive visit!
The officials informed us they had been trying hard to promote the online application process for in-country applications, such as FLR(M) for spouses and partners of UK citizens. The online applications have existed for entry clearance (when applying outside the UK) for many years now. Yet the in-country online application process has so far been relatively unknown and unused.
At the moment most FLR(M) and FLR(FP) applications are posted to the UKVI using a paper form with the original supporting documents enclosed. We were told that the UKVI were trying to go paperless in 2018 and accept all such applications online, using the electronic application form and asking to submit the supporting documents electronically. The details are still being worked on.
Important! These changes will only be procedural. The Immigration Rules, eligibility requirements (including Financial Requirement £18600) and casework/consideration remain the same, ie as vigorous as now.  
PS: It was nice to be on the other side for a change and to have the Home Officials listening to us!  

PPS: We didn't haver time to get used to that, though, because 2 weeks later we had an (unannounced but not unusual) compliance visit from the Tier 2 Sponsorship department and it was back to usual. We have such visits because we have our own Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence for our workers.  
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