Friday, 12 January 2018

Our original series: 10 Weeks of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa tips, all the posts:

Week 1 – How much money do I actually need, GBP 200 000 or 50 000?

Week 2 – It only works if you are a “genuine” applicant / entrepreneur and have “genuine” funds “genuinely” available!

Week 3 – Raise the funds that will remain available after you secure your visa.

Week 4 - Your business idea must be realistic, not too generic and in-demand in the UK economy.

Week 5 – Entrepreneurial (dream) teams.

Week 6 – Business plan is the key! And the keys to a successful business plan.

Week 7 – How to invest GBP 200,000 and what to spend it on?

Week 8 – When to invest GBP 200,000? IS there a deadline, such as within 6 months, every year etc? Can I move from one business to another?

Week 9 – When do I have to create jobs and whom can I hire?

Week 10 – Frequently Asked Questions and Compliance.

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