Wednesday, 10 January 2018

UK Spouse visa Financial Requirement: how much savings do I need? It’s NOT £18600. It’s close to the cost of Meghan Markle’s couture engagement dress of £56000!

We have been planning to clarify the issue of savings for a Spouse visa for some time now - there’s so Michu confusion! We have been also “advising” Meghan and Prince Harry on a UK Spouse visa in this blog. Then we saw her wearing a £56000 designer dress on the official photos: We couldn’t help thinking “That’s almost the amount of savings to meet the Financial Requirement of the Immigration Rules !”

Time to clarify the Savings rule. (Perhaps when Meghan bought THAT  dress she didn’t realise it would have “bought” her a Spouse visa - Meghan, you need a good immigration law firm like 1st 4Immigration !)

So, there’s a lot of confusion. Do I need £18609 in savings? Or maybe £16000? The correct answer is the whopping amount of £62500! (We did say the cost of that dress was close.)

The threshold of £18600 applies to income, not savings.

The amount of savings is calculated using a specific formula. The first £16000 aren’t taken into account at all. This part of the calculation is often taken out of context, so many wrongly think they are OK as long as they have £16000, but it’s only the 1st part.

Then the targets amount £18600 is multiplied by 2.5 to reflect the Spouse visa length of 2.5 years.

We get: £18600 x 2.5 + £16000 = £62500, which is the correct answer.

How to calculate if you have some income and only using savings for the difference? Same formula but a different threshold.

Let’s imagine your income is £15000, so the difference is £18600 - £15000 = £3600.

Then you need savings of £3600 x 2.5 + £16000 = £25000.

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