Friday, 1 September 2017

News roundup:- summer and autumn 2017.

A very important update on the Immigration Rules for spouses and partners of British citizens following the MM (Lebanon) case: 

In a nutshell, the outcome is:  if you meet the Financial Requirement - you get 5-year route.  If not, but have exceptional circumstances  (exceptional in the policymakers'  opinion), you could be given a chance provide some other convincing ways to support yourselves - and you would be put in the 10-year route. Good news for those who would have struggled before but a twice longer wait for permanent residency (meaning double fees for the UK government with double health surcharge). Still, better than nothing. 

Here we have a post that explains the difference between a 5-year and 10-year routes:  

We would still advise to aim for the 5-year route , i.e. to aim to meet the Financial Requirement in the specified ways. Here we have some advice how :  and also one based on the article in The Daily Mail: 

If you have to enter the 10-year route, you can then change to the 5-year route , meaning fewer steps to the permanent residency, a midway of 7.5 years , so to speak , although you can switch to the 5-year route well before the end of the 2.5-year visa. Here is one of many cases we had that explains the gist of it: 

The first applications for permanent residency for spouses and partners started in July , 5 years since the new Rules came in force in July 2012. If your 2nd Spouse / Partner visa expires in the near future,, please contact us for advice on permanent residency including Same-day Service, which is fast and good for your peace of mind:  

The UK Government has been trying to reassure European citizens on their status in the UK, here is the latest official statement: 

Our advice has always been - and remains - to make a formal application nonetheless. To be safe. It could be an application to confirm your status , to apply for permanent residence or for British Citizenship. 

We will advise what you qualify for. Please get in touch to  book ab advice session with our experienced lawyers , which can be face-to-face at our office in the City or over email. In latter case - email consultation - we provide information by the next working day:

Despite the Government's attempts to reassure, The Daily Mail : number of EEA citizens applying fit British Citizenship has increased dramatically since the Brexit vote in June 2016:  Hardly surprising, considering the uncertainly the EEA citizens are facing at the moment! 

Finally , the news on statistics that the net migration in the UK has fallen:

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