Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Business plan writing service for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa - from a firm of experienced Immigration Entrepreneurs!

Business plan is a compulsory requirement for initial Entrepreneur visa applications. Over the past several years we’ve been dealing with the Entrepreneur visa applications for our clients. As a part of each application, we have to read client’s business plan, ask to make changes and generally, to include the information relevant to the Entrepreneur visa rules as well as based on the questions a client may be asked at an interview (from our experience of clients’ visa interviews).

Our experience allowed us to develop an approach to creating the business plans from a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa point of view. Instead of using standard templates, we focus on what the visa officers want to see, i.e. on what a migrant will be required to do while holding this visa: investment of £50,000 or £200,000 and what your client is going to spend it on. For example, paying yourself a salary is not counted, yet it is very common for clients to do this.   

Another example will be including a plan of creating 2 jobs and that they will be for ‘settled’ people. Most business plans we see do not mention these 2 jobs at all, yet it is a common question at a visa interview, so we think it is a good idea to include it and add employer’s National Insurance contributions to the calculation. 

We also advise to explain your business idea in simple and plain language. For instance, there is no benefit in adding many technical IT terms because the visa officers are not IT professionals, yet they have to understand your business idea. If you can explain it to us, we can explain to the UK Visas & Immigration. Finally, we advise to treat it like a CV but for a business. Too many CVs contain information designed to make the applicant look ‘clever’, yet fall apart once an interviewer starts asking questions about it. The Home Office staff do read the business plan and may ask questions!  

A typical business plan takes 1-2 weeks to prepare but we always try to accommodate clients’ urgent requests and do it as soon as possible.

For more info or for what’s included in a typical plan, please visit: http://www.1st4immigration.com/business-plan-writing.php or contact us: info@1st4immigration.com