Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Express “Meghan ordered to pay a huge amount to move to the UK with Harry” and if you are thinking of applying for a UK visa or British Citizenship – apply now to save money on Government fees!

It is that time of the year when the new UK fiscal year is approaching and it is also the traditional time for the UK Visas and Immigration to change their fees. We should say “to increase” the fees, as the government fees tend to go one way – up.

This article in The Express recent attracted our attention, even though it was published in November 2017 https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/915540/meghan-markle-prince-harry-news-uk-visa

It covers the maters of dual nationality, one being British and the other in this case being American. The UK law on dual nationals are the same, though, whether you are American or not  - you can have dual or even multiple nationalities. The subject in this article focuses o the tax matters, which come under the different area of law, ie tax law and not immigration law. There is also the law of the other country to consider (the United States in this case), does that country allow dual nationality and if yes, what are the other rules, such as on tax?

These are the answers we usually give to our clients who ask about dual nationality. This time of the year – March – tends to be busy for applications for British Citizenship as well as other visas. More so with Naturalisation applications, because there is no deadline on when to apply, ie no expiry date of the visa, for example. So, the point that triggers an application is often when the government fees are about to go up, such as now. With that come the questions about dual nationality.

At the point of writing this, we do not have the new fees yet but we expect them to be higher than now. In the past sometimes they were increased by a nominal amount of £50 but in some other years by as much as 3500. In March 2016 the fees were increased in mid-March with a 2 weeks’ notice. In 2017, however, they were increased from 6 April with just 2 DAYS’ notice!

If you are eligible to make an application – now is the time!

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