Monday, 13 April 2015

New successful case and testimonial on same-day Tier 1 (General) visa extension. Extensions are now closed in this category but ILR applications in this route will continue until April 2018.

“My regards to Christina for her kindness and good efforts in making my renewal successful. I really appreciate her patience and her help with my documentations and all her efforts in Croydon to make the whole thing successful.”

This came from Ebere, a Nigerian national, who was claiming points for Earnings from his job in Texas, USA. We used same-day service in Croydon and all went smoothly!
In this case we used Ebere’s American income to claim the points for Earnings. Although it meant no points for UK experience, there was enough points based on Earnings, Age and Qualification. However, this method won’t work for a future ILR application!
ILR applications, based on 5 years on Tier 1 General visas, continue to be possible until 5 April 2018. if you qualify by then – that’s your perfect chance! If you don’t qualify, namely because of having too many absences, you may consider switching to another category, which leads to ILR. For example, getting sponsorship and switching to a Tier 2 General visa will do the trick (and these 2 categories can be combined!). Getting an Entrepreneur visa will mean you’d start ‘your’ 5 years in the UK all over again because it can’t be combined with Tier 1 General.
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