Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Who has to meet the Financial Requirement for a Spouse visa? The Sponsor, the Applicant or both?

We are often asked whether the Sponsor, usually a British citizen, has to meet the Financial Requirement on his/her own. The answer is no, sometimes it can be combined with the Applicant’s income (the person’s who needs a visa). Sometimes it can be only the Applicant’s income, on its own.

Example 1: if the Applicant has a UK visa which allows to work, such as a Tier 1 or 2 work visa, Tier 4 Student visa or a Tier 5 visa then the Applicant’s earnings from employment or self-employment in the UK would be sufficient, without the need of the Sponsor’s income (assuming there is enough to meet the Financial Requirement). If both partners are working legally in the UK it can be a combination of both of their earnings, although there is no much point of that if one, ie either partner, can meet the Financial Requirement on his/her own (apart from the double amount of paperwork and a satisfying feeling of exceeding the Financial Requirement).

Example 2: if the Financial Requirement is being met via non-employment income (such as property rental income) or pension or savings, then it can be from either partner or from both together.

Example 3: if  one partner is working but his/her salary is short of the required threshold, the other permitted source of income can be used in combination and the other source can be from the other partner. For instance, if one partner it working on £15,000 per annum but the other partner has savings (sufficient for the Financial Requirement, £25,000 in this case) then these 2 sources can be combined. Or savings can be combined from 2 partners.

There are many possible solutions and combinations to meet the Financial Requirement!

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