Saturday, 28 April 2018

What’s next after Tier 4 visa - why is it easier for employers to sponsor students for a Tier 2 visa?

Last time we covered the levels of salaries that sponsors (employers) have to pay those migrants they are about to sponsor under Tier 2 sponsored visa to work for them in the UK.

In fact, Tier 4 migrants, ie students, make very attractive candidates for the employers to sponsor. Why? Here are a few benefits of being a Tier 4 visa holder switching to Tier 2.

Benefit #1: employers don’t have to advertise the job to settled workers before hiring a Tier 4 migrant. They still have to have a genuine vacancy, which you are qualified for, but there is no need to try and find a local worker first for 28 days. Particularly useful for generic non-specialist vacancies.

Benefit #2:  employers can offer you a New Entrant level of salary. This level is lower and hence, makes them more willing to sponsor you.  They will have to increase your pay at the extension stage but after that, you may become an indispensable member of their team they may only be happy to do so!

Benefit #3: the minimum level of salary is still £20800 and not £30000 per annum. Although this is not a real minimum, it is an important difference. Normally, the minimum salary must be as on the Code of practice but the “blanket” minimum is now £30000 pa, whichever is higher (and the higher in most cases is £30k).  Students, however, can still be offered the old blanket minimum of £20800 pa or as on the Code of Practice, whichever is higher. Even if the “higher” is not necessarily £20800 (CoP salary is likely to be higher), however, the number of hours can be reduced (pro-rated) to correspond with the minimum £20800!

More on Tier 2 salaries on our previous post:

Benefit #4: Tier 4 migrants can switch to a Tier 2 visa inside the UK as soon as they have completed a degree course. They don’t have to return to their country and apply from there. This, in turn, means they don’t fall under the annual limit of places in Tier 2 (General) category and there is no limit on such switches. And as a bonus, they can switch using same-day service!

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