Friday, 5 March 2021

👨‍🎓 🇬🇧 Post Study Work visa is back from July 2021!

There is an exciting development in the UK immigration world - a return of what many of us remember as a Post-Study Work visa. 

We remember it from before 2012, so after almost 10 years we are glad to see it back from 1 July 2021 under the new name - Graduate Route. It will be available to graduates from UK universities who have completed a degree level course (minimum Bachelor level). 

This visa allows to remain in the UK for 2 years (3 years for Doctoral students) to work for any employer at any skill level as well as set up a business in the UK. It is also a useful visa to buy time, such as to look for sponsorship for a Skilled Worker visa, or to complete 2 years of living together for an Unmarried Partner visa. 

Does it lead to settlement? 
No, this visa itself doesn’t lead to settlement (Indefinite Leave) and doesn’t count as a part of the 5-year qualifying period. However, it gives 2 years to look for work, gain the relevant skills, find a Sponsor (employer) and switch to the main work visa, Skilled Worker, that does lead to settlement after 5 years. Of course if one is able to find Sponsorship sooner, they can skip the Graduate visa altogether and start the 5 years sooner. 

Whats next after Graduate visa?
The options to remain in the UK include the above-mentioned switching to the main Work visa, switching to a Spouse/Partner visa as well as qualifying for settlement by accumulating 10 years of residency in the UK. 

Can family join in?
Yes, immediate family can if they have Student deponent visas. After that - no except for a child born in the UK. 

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