Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Another successful case of Entry Clearance for a Spouse and children of a UK citizen

“Happy to report we got the visas! Sometimes just two words can have a lot of content behind them: THANK YOU. Fantastic job. I will write back with some questions about the future a little later, after we drink some Champagne. :)”

This came from Mr N who applied for Entry Clearance in Israel for his Spouse and 2 children. This case was very interesting because we were able to combine earnings of the Sponsor from self-employment in Israel with a job offer in the UK. Furthermore, self-employment earnings were from the Sponsor’s limited company in Israel, meaning we could use the salary earnings in the last 12 calendar months, rather than in the last ‘financial year’ as the case would have been for owners of the UK-registered companies. We did not need to wait for the company accounts or tax documents.  

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