Monday, 28 October 2013

It's 28th October 2013, the new Rules on English are in force. The level is still A1 for a Spouse/Fiancée/Partner visa for partners of British citizens. 

As we wrote earlier, English language requirement was NOT changing for those applying for a Spouse, Fiancée or Unmarried Partner visa, to joint their British partner in the UK. It is still an A1 level, even from 28 October 2013

The changes affected those applying for permanent residency, ie an Indefinite Leave to Remain. The logic is that after a few years in the UK the person in question would have English at a level B1 or above, which is very reasonable. 

The new rule has also affected those who did not need to demonstrate this requirement for an ILR but are now applying for British Citizenship where a new rule is the same - I addition to a Life in the UK Test there is now a separate English language requirement (with a B1 level).

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