Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Special offer Online OISC Level 1 Course, £199+VAT, limited time only!

Our Online OISC LEVEL 1 course is offered under a Special Offer of £199+VAT for a limited time. You can download it from our website and study in your own time from any computer or your smartphone. No need to travel to a classroom or wait for available dates!

The course includes a mock Level 1 Assessment and case studies from our practice. You are allowed to bring this material to your Level 1 Assessment at the OISC!
Download our course material or read the detailed Table of Contents (Syllabus)  and Extracts here:  http://www.1st4immigration.com/training/online-oisc-level-1-course.php

As we are a practicing OISC-accredited immigration company, we have designed this to be of practical help for those who are preparing for OISC accreditation at Level 1 in the  Immigration category and for the Level 1 Assessment.
If you are already regulated by the OISC or SRA, this course is CPD-accredited and will be accepted towards your CPD credit.  This is not a boring coverage of the Immigration Rules! We tried to keep the language as simple and entertaining as possible. Read extracts on the link above!

1st 4Immigration, OISC ref F200800152, SRA ref EJE/14IM