Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New successful case and testimonial on a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa.

"1st 4Immigration was really helpful throughout my Entrepreneur visa application. They know what they are doing. Every bit of information of the application requirement is taken seriously. I have been helped throughout the process with professionalism and patience.  I submitted my application on 4th August 2014, after 11th July 2014 new rules came regarding Entrepreneur visa (related to those switching from Post-Study Work visas and required to have already started a business before 11 July 2014, other than “contracting”). There were a lot of changes “overnight”. But 1st 4Immigration handled the whole process carefully, especially Russell who helped me out with the decision whether I should apply or not. Thank you so much Russell. Special Thanks to Natalia Andrews for her professional help. She is a wonderful person, so welcoming, positive and patience which made my whole application process easier than I thought.  A big Thanks to everyone who are working with 1st 4Immigration for helping me throughout the visa application process. I will definitely use 1st 4Immigration in future whenever I need. I recommend my friends to use 1st 4Immigration for any kind of immigration services.”
This came from Shahin, a Bangladeshi citizen who was switching from a Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa, with his wife applying as a dependant. The new Rules, which came into force on 11 July 2014, affected a great deal the remaining number of Post-Study Work visa holders. The main change was that the applicant had to show they started a business before 11 July 2014, even if they were applying after that (in this case application was in August 2014). The change was almost “overnight” meaning there was no time to adjust, unless one had already started a business anyway (as was the case here). Furthermore, there must have been evidence of at least one contract and advert, dated before 11th July. Fortunately, in this case Shahin had a great idea of a recruitment business, he did register a limited company shortly before the changes, had an advert published in a local newspaper and payments from a couple of clients before the date in question too.
We also had to deal with the fact that the funds were provided from the third party and carefully follow the rules on specified evidence. Like with most applications, we added extra information to meet the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, examples were a business bank account, accountant’s letter, business insurance, a business plan etc – this would be individual for each application as this is outside the “specified evidence” which has to be, well, exactly as specified by the Immigration Rules.
Like many applicants these days, Shahin was invited for an interview at the UKVI in Sheffield, which went well. Finally, after 5 months of waiting, the case has been approved!
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