Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New successful case and testimonial on a same-day Spouse visa, switching from a Private Life visa.

“Dear Lucy and Christina, I would like to say a very big thank you for all your support over the last 2 weeks (Yes, this is how quickly we handled this application!). For putting my mind at ease through the application stages and constantly re-assuring me of positive results. I have never felt so relaxed whilst undergoing an immigration application and submission. Also, Christina was very professional today at the premium service centre (in Croydon) and once again reassured me and explained the processes to me. There was a slight hitch just before the approval came through but Christina was able to offer reasonable explanations to the immigration officer regarding it and the permit was granted right after her discussion of the same. My husband and I are very grateful for her effort. She made the process seamless and the wait less agonising. I would recommend 1st 4Immigration to anyone with doubts about switching from discretionary leave to spouse visa!!!”

This came from Gerry, a Nigerian national, married to a British citizen. Gerry was in the UK on a Private Life visa, which replaced a discretionary leave in July 2012. Like a Spouse visa, a Private Life visa is also for 2.5 years, however, it is from the so called ‘10 year route’. Once our client has switched to a ‘normal’ Spouse visa, she can qualify for permanent residency in the 5 year route, thus reducing her wait for an ILR by a half!
Furthermore, it is possible to do such a switch on same-day service, which is what we did!

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