Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New successful case and testimonial on a Tier 1 (General) extension – one of the few remaining before April 2015!

“Joanne, Many thanks to you and your colleagues for your services in putting together our application. It went smoothly yesterday at the Croydon Office. Christina was very helpful throughout our time at the office. My husband and I are really grateful.

This came from Morayo, a Nigerian national, while our OISC-accredited immigration adviser Joanne Wilson is clearly very popular (since there are 2 testimonials about her work today!) Our client was extending her Tier 1 General visa while extensions are still allowed (will be closed on 6 April 2015, apply before 2 April, which falls on a Thursday, before a bank holiday on Friday the 3rd). Moray’s husband was applying as her dependant.
The interesting thing here why some Tier 1 General visa holders need an extra extension? It is expensive and involves a great deal of paperwork. Especially in this case, since Morayo is a director and a shareholder of a limited company in the UK, so we had to provide plenty of papers to evidence her salary and dividends.  
The answer is, in this case, our client (and her  family) delayed their entry in the UK by about 7 months. Therefore, she would not have 5 years of residency in the UK after her previous Tier 1 visa would have expired and would be “short of time” to qualify for an ILR. The only answer in this case was an extra extension, which solved the problem.  
Other common reasons for extra extensions are absences from the UK (too much time spent abroad) and driving offences and fines.
The next step will be to apply for an Indefinite Leave (permanent residency), which has to be done before 5 April 2018. Both renewals and ILR applications in this category can be done on same-day service.  
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